Abstract - Joel Kubby

We propose to develop a three-photon excitation (3PE) microscope with adaptive optics (AO) for deep brain imaging in live animals. Brain structures such as hippocampus and striatum play essential roles in navigation, decision making, learning and memory, but reside at a depth inaccessible to current optical microscopy. Our proposed microscope will be based on an Olympus FV1200MPE two-photon microscope, supplemented with a low duty cycle (10 MHz), high pulse energy (50 nJ) femto-second (80 fs) fiber laser for 3PE, and an AO system for wavefront sensing and correction. The long wavelength (1.55μm) 3PE will significantly decrease scattering, hence increasing the imaging depth and signal-to-background ratio. AO will correct aberrations due to inhomogeneous refractive indices in brain tissue to achieve better resolution. The 3PE laser will be suitable for common fluorescent proteins with excitation peaks near 517nm (~1.55μm/3), such as EYFP, Venus, and mCitrine. The microscope will enable anatomical and functional imaging of neural circuits with sub-cellular resolution 1,500-1,800μm below the brain surface, 3-5 times deeper than commonly achieved with two-photon microscopy. It will greatly facilitate research on structural alterations (e.g., dendritic spine dynamics) and neuronal activities (e.g., Ca signals) in deep cortical layers and subcortical regions including hippocampus and striatum.

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Principal Investigator Institution Title Abstract
Andersen, Richard California Institute of Technology Engineering Artificial Sensation View
Andrews, Anne University of California, Los Angeles Nanoscale Neurotransmitter Sensors View
Bloodgood, Brenda University of California San Diego A novel toolkit for visualizing and manipulating activity-induced transcription in living brain. View
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Cleary, Michael University of California, Merced Capturing physiological maps of neural gene expression View
Cohen, Bruce University of California, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Nano-optogenetic control of neuronal firing with targeted nanocrystals View
Dai, Hongjie Stanford University  Deep brain imaging of single neurons in the second near-infrared optical window View
Hall, Drew University of California, San Diego Magnetic Monitoring of Neural Activity using Magnetoresistive Nanosensors View
Krubitzer, Leah University of California, Davis An integrated system to monitor, image, and regulate neural activity View
Kubby, Joel University of California, Santa Cruz Three-Photon Microscopy with Adaptive Optics for Deep Tissue Brain Activity Imaging View
Melosh, Nicholas Stanford University Parallel Solid State Intracellular Patch-Clamping with Biomimetic Probes View
Park, B. Hyle University of California, Riverside  Label-free 4D optical detection of neural activity View
Portera-Cailliau, Carlos University of California, Los Angeles High-speed interrogation of network activity with frequency domain multiplexing View
Shanechi, Maryam University of Southern California Control-Theoretic Neuroprosthetic Design Using Electrocorticography Signals View
Smith, Will University of California, Santa Barbara Whole brain imaging in a primative chordate View
Wood, Marcelo University of California, Irvine Epigenetic PET tracer for cross-species investigation of age-related memory dysfunction View