Tom Soh

Research: The goal of Dr. Soh’s research laboratory is to develop novel materials and devices to improve the condition of human health, using methods that hold the promise for early detection and personalized treatment for many diseases including Alzheimer’s, cancer, and diabetes. He does so through focusing on the following research themes:

Directed Evolution of Materials: Using evolutionary principles to synthesize new materials that do not exist in nature but can perform complex and useful functions. His lab has pioneered the use of microfluidics technology and high-throughput sequencing to accelerate the process of directed evolution. In particular, his group is interested in evolving polymer materials that can perform molecular recognition and shape-changes (conformation -switching) because these materials offer exciting avenues to improve molecular diagnostics and targeted therapies.

Integrated Biosensors: His lab develops advanced biosensors that are highly sensitive and specific with rapid results. In order to achieve this, his group utilizes microfluidics technology such that multiple biophysical and biochemical processes can be integrated into a single disposable device which can operate at the point-of-care. Recently, his laboratory pioneered the development of real-time biosensors that can continuously measure specific biomolecules directly in living animals.